My spreadsheet contains data divided into weeks in a year and I would like to combine the following two pieces of information in one cell:

  • Calendar week

'Calendar week' being the name of the whole column is just a text that I would like to maintain and the week number would be a help to see what week it is (either before or after the 'Calendar week').

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  • shorter:

    =ISOWEEKNUM(TODAY())&"Calendar week"

  • or with space perhaps (?):

    =ISOWEEKNUM(TODAY())&" Calendar week"

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    Thanks for better formula! Instead of a space I have used "fill range" twice so it's nicer to look at. Mar 20, 2019 at 16:53

Well, I found one way to do that. Of course, if there is any simpler/faster/better way, do let me know

=CONCAT(ISOWEEKNUM(TODAY()); "Calendar week")

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