Is it possible to reference another piece of text in a Google Drive Document. In a similar way to how you can reference data in another cell in a Google Drive Spreadsheet ?

Eg. I have a document reference name something like "My Doc - ABC - 123" at the top of my document.

I need to re write this text in multiple places, but don't want to change it in multiple places if it change the document reference name.


If you are happy to put your reference text at the top or bottom of every page (except perhaps the first one), then you can use the Insert > Header and page number > Header (or Footer) menu option to put in a page-header.

(see an example of this)

Alternatively, if you know that the contents of your reference text only appears in places that you want changed, then you can use use the Edit > Find and replace > Replace all tool to quickly update it.

Or you could construct your document with Sheets instead of Docs: the feature you've described is something which spreadsheets are very good at doing.


If you are trying to save time via keystrokes I recommend checking out www.autohotkey.com or have a look in the help menu for custom short cut options and paste in your commonly used phrases as the output

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