Previously I was using my Microsoft account in Turkish, but I set to English a few years ago. All applications were working as expected until I tried the built-in functions in Excel Online.

For example, I cannot use the SUM() function, but its Turkish equivalent TOPLA(). I tried to set the language again and cleaned up the cookies as suggested on SO, it didn't change the built-in functions. Maybe it only changes the UI language, which was already in English.

Even the arguments (e.g. number1) are shown in English, but the function name is in Turkish.

excel online

Is there a different setting for the language of built-in functions, how can I change it?

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  • log in to your OneDrive account
  • go to https://account.microsoft.com/profile/
  • select Edit country/region
  • choose your preference
  • when done, change the global language on the bottom left
  • Excel formulas should be now in your preferred language


  • It works perfectly after cleaning the browser cache.
    – user159718
    Mar 27, 2019 at 13:40

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