There are a number of websites where comments and contents can be liked (thumbed up / +1'd) or disliked (thumbed down / -1'd). On the other hand, all the sites I am aware of hide the identity of the user who liked/disliked the comment. E.g. Youtube or Yahoo.

Are you aware of any websites (social media sites, news sites, blogs, etc.) where the identity of the likers/dislikers are also visible either for the owner of the comment/content or for every visitor?

I know that Disqus comment plug-in makes it visible who liked the comments but it hides who disliked the comments. I am looking for sites where both likers and dislikers are visible.

Thank you for your help!

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Source code hosting & issue tracking service GitHub has thumbs up, thumbs down and a few other emojis registered members can add to issues and comments. If you hover over an emoji, you can see which users posted that emoji, even as an anonymous user.

It took me a while to find a Charcoal issue with both types, but this one is a good example:

  • Thank you for your answer! Are you aware of any other instances? – Kamehl Butabi Mar 31 at 18:30
  • No ... I think I would have mentioned them if I did, maybe less extensive than this example. – Glorfindel Mar 31 at 18:54

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