I have my master Google sheet and I need a weekly updated Excel report to be imported into that sheet. Right now I use


Here is the tricky part - I transform the Excel sheet into a Google sheet and it always receives a new link/sheet ID so to get the data from the newest version I need to change all links in all formulas in my master sheet.

My idea is if it's possible to make one cell that would serve as an ID source that I can weekly change to the newest sheet ID and it would be automatically imported from that specific sheet for all formulas.

The report sheet is extremely extensive so I want to avoid copying all data into my master sheet

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You can do so by referencing ID in a cell like:


where A1 will be: 16nnuzNRx_kGGJm1EBV57kBT2bfW1-2TYwSiuaLF-QIA or the whole URL.


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