I know it's a stretch but a family member is being paranoid about her Facebook Page being hacked and deleted. She's partially right because she was the target of a hack recently so now she looks for a way to "back up" the page.

Is there a way to back up (then restore) a page?

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You can download your Facebook account or Page data, But the functionality to restore your Facebook from downloaded information is not available.

From Facebook Help Center:

If you're an admin, you can download a copy of your Page. The file includes:

  • Posts, photos and videos shared on the Page by people who work on the Page.
  • A list of people who have roles on the Page.
  • A description of the Page's current settings.
  • Page info from the About section.

To download a copy of your Page:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. From General, click Download Page.
  3. Click Download Page.
  4. Click Create File.

When the file is ready, you'll receive an email or a notification, depending on your privacy settings. From the email or notification, click Download Page and enter your password to continue. Keep in mind that the link to your file will expire after 4 days.

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