Is it possible to, say, email files via attachment to your Dropbox account? As opposed to manually placing the file on the Dropbox folder on your computer?

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At present (February 2011) this isn't possible to do using Dropbox. It is on the wish list though.

An alternative service is available called SendToDropBox if you are happy to use a third party.


If you're open to using a third-party service, you can use If This Then That. There are a number of ways to do that, either by sending email to IFTTT's mailbox ([email protected]) or to your own as a trigger, and then uploading the file to your Dropbox.

I used the email channel to set a trigger where if I send an email message from my registered address to IFTTT's mailbox with #dropbox in the subject, that'll use the Dropbox "add file from URL" action to save a file to the IFTTT/email directory in my Dropbox and the rest of the subject as the filename.

(Here's a public recipe that essentially does the same thing.)

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