I have a YouTube video description that contains text describing a date and time of a meeting in the format of $date HH:MM - HH:MM.

However, YouTube is interpreting those as MM:SS MM:SS times and hyperlinking them to those times within the video itself.

I tried preceding the times with a backslash (i.e. \12:34) to escape the time so YouTube wouldn't interpret it as such but it did not work. See screenshots below. Advice?

enter image description here enter image description here


YouTube is interpreting the time format


as timestamps to the video content. Every valid time is accepted as timestamp, even outside of the video play time. Therefore, to show time in a YouTube description without YouTube hyperlinking, a different format has to be used to represent time.

Some examples:

13 : 14 - 15 : 40
13h14 - 15h40

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