Using Google Sheets: Need to display a vertical list, where each occurrence in the A column of sheet1 is repeated based on the number in the B column of sheet1.

I've created a dummy file to show what I'm trying to do and shared it for viewing:

I can do a single item using:


But can't figure out how to keep going for the rest of the items in the list. Any help would be great.

  • Thanks user0 for your help. Took awhile to translate it to my actual more complicated worksheet, but I got it sorted. Only problem I was having was it was pulling from Sheet1, but dropping the last 4 rows. If I added 4 dummy entries, it would work. – MainelyTom Apr 10 at 21:12
  • Hi MainelyTom and welcome to Web Apps SE. Glad you got an answer working. A note though; comments are for improving questions and answers, not for conversation (even what I'm typing now!). You can edit your future questions whenever you have more info to add, and upvote or accept helpful answers. Cheers. – Joel Reid Apr 11 at 19:09

 INDIRECT("Sheet1!A2:A"&COUNTA(A1:A)), ",")&",", 
 INDIRECT("Sheet1!B2:B"&COUNTA(B1:B))))), ","))


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