My company has its name given in each contact's details so I can display all contacts from that company using a search query. When I do so, I see some incorrect photos or no photos at all.

When I enter search query to Google Contacts' top "Search" box, but before I hit Enter, I see:

  • company's logo for first contact in suggestions list,
  • no photos for remaining three contacts.

When I actually hit Enter and Google Contacts lists search results, everything is OK, i.e.:

  • all four contacts has actual photos (that I have manually uploaded).

What am I missing? Why does the suggestion list (i.e. during searching) include some weird / incorrect / no photos for suggested contacts or what is the source for images for these suggetions (i.e. first contact displays company's logo correctly, but I don't know, where it is taking it from)?

  • assuming it's not a bug it could be some resolution regulation in order to speed up the search – user0 Apr 8 '19 at 14:16

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