When I create a Google Drawing and add links to different elements, upon exporting the drawing as a SVG Google changes all of my links to point to a Google search redirector instead of using the links I entered.

For example, if I add a link to a shape in a drawing that points to:


Upon exporting the drawing as a SVG, Google has changed that link to:


The link still redirects to the correct location, however I don't need (or want) the superfluous Google stuff in there.

I know I can edit the SVG and change the link to what I want, but this seems like a ridiculous amount of manual work, especially if there are a lot of links to change. Is there a setting or some other way to stop this from happening?

  • Unfortunately, in the current stage, there are no settings and query parameters for exporting to SVG format, yet. So I modify the URL using a script for this situation. When it is exported as PDF, the inputted link is used. ALso I want this for SVG. I apologize that this is not the direct solution. – Tanaike Apr 9 '19 at 0:39

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