I would like to create a series of number in Google Sheets, without dragging with the mouse.

When using the Shortcut Cmd+R (Fill Right) it just copies the value of the first cell.

Initial State: enter image description here

Desired State (achieved by dragging the initial selection via mouse): enter image description here

Outcome using Cmd-R: enter image description here

Any ideas on how to achieve this without using the mouse?

  • another way would be using formula with keyboard shortcuts:
  • type in =COLUMN(A1) in the first cell
  • press CTRL + C
  • press SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW to select range
  • press CTRL + V or press CTRL + ENTER
  • you can generate it with formula:




If you want to use it to preserve original position number copy values that you get from applying formula and paste only values without formulas with Ctrl + Shift + V

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