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How can I make the start mileage in each cell update from the end mileage in the upper right adjacent cell? Preferably using something like a single array formula that can be updated.

I think I'm looking for something like =ARRAYFORMULA(C4:C=D3:D) but I don't know what syntax I need to produce the results I'm looking for. If you can comment on some detail as to how the back end of this syntax works then I think that would be helpful.

Also, I did what felt like an extensive search on Google and Stack Exchange and was unable to find this information. Perhaps ques as to what to search to generate an answer to this would be helpful to me and other users as well.

  • a proper way would be:

    =ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(D4:D), {D3:D}, ))


  • Thanks. Can I use something like =ARRAYFORMULA(if(len(D3:D),{D3:D},{C4:C})) As in can I use a formula that would allow me to manually enter a value in column C if there wasn't an auto populated value in column D? Also, it seems =ARRAYFORMULA(if(len(D3:D),{D3:D},{C4:C})) has a circular dependency but I'm not sure why – James Apr 9 '19 at 17:25
  • nope, coz that would break the array formula. also, it's kinda not logical coz you either want it to be auto-populated or entered manually. and the circular dependency it's there coz you try to refer to a range on which formula sits. – user0 Apr 9 '19 at 17:46

Use the following formula in cell C4 =ARRAYFORMULA(D3:D)

Then make sure there is no data entered in any of the subsequent column C cells so the formula can update each of those cells

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