I'd like to replace occurrences found in Column A (cells A2:A200) so that if I enter 2/02/002 or 343 or 98/098 it auto-replaces it with UKD002/UKD343/UKD098.

Is this possible?


 IF(LEN(A2:A)=1, "UKD00"&A2:A,
 IF(LEN(A2:A)=2, "UKD0"&A2:A,
 IF(LEN(A2:A)=3, "UKD"&A2:A, A2:A)))}, 
 "select Col1,count(Col1) 
  where Col1 is not null 
  group by Col1 
  label count(Col1)''"), 2, 0)))


demo spreadsheet

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