I have this map, it shows schools, daycares, churches, and the like. What I want to have happen is that I want a script to automatically draw 500 feet circles around each of these locations that are listed in their respective layer.

So I have Layers:

Churches (with 2,000+ churches) Daycares (with 2,000+ daycares) Schools (with 2,000+ schools)

And for each of those individual locations (determined by Lat and Long tables) to have a circle appear at the center of the location and that emanates 500 ft out.

I have no idea where to begin on this. I have not used Google Maps at all. I have read through the documentation on Google, and it's not clicking.

Here is a link to the map itself so to help illustrate what is currently going on and you can visualize what I want it to do.


  • I would imagine doing this in Google Earth and then exporting it into Google My Maps - if needed – user0 Apr 12 at 0:19

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