I using GSuite product for my company, however we are working with outsource team. That guy will working (eg. editing) with several GDocs, GSheet file. I wanted to disable download feature on GDocs and GSheet but they can still editing the file online.

I have try this
enter image description here

This works for disable download, but my employee cannot editing that document. How they can still editing the document via browser and cannot download that file?

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Sorry, Google's permissions settings are simply not that granular. In their eyes, the choices are

  • Can view
  • Can comment [and view]
  • Can edit [and comment and view]

and those choices can be offered to individual accounts by email address, to anyone with the link, or publicly on the web. Google is a huge company, but if their choices are causing a problem for you, they encourage users to choose Report a Problem from the Help menu, and explain it to them.

On a higher level though, if an account can edit a given document, then they can do whatever they want with it—overwrite its contents, change values, or; naturally, they can make their own copy, whether by copy-paste, File→Make a copy, or by download—so with a good faith hope that your situation gets resolved, I must say that I think you'll have to solve the problem with, say… conversations, rather than checkboxes. Good luck.

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