Let's say I have a survey of people in teams, and what fruits they like:

User  | Team  | Fruits
Dave  | Mine  | Banana, Apple
Steve | Mine  | Apple, Orange
Matt  | Yours | Banana

This would have been populated by a Google Form. I am looking to transform this into:

Team  | Fruits
Mine  | Banana, Apple, Orange
Yours | Banana

I'd then be able to know that two teams like bananas, while one team also likes apples and oranges. I have been looking into some combination of QUERY and JOIN but am getting pretty lost.

In one cell, I have done =UNIQUE('Raw Responses'!C2:C105), which gets me all the unique Teams.

In another, I've done =JOIN(", ",'Raw Responses'!E2, 'Raw Responses'!E3) gets me what I want manually (without the unique values bit yet, so I would see apples twice).

In my third test, I did =QUERY('Raw Responses'!C2:E105, "SELECT E where C='Mine'"), which spreads the answer across two rows

Note that C corresponds to Teams and E corresponds to Fruits in my actual sheet.


=JOIN(", ", QUERY('Raw Responses'!C2:E105, "SELECT E where C='Mine'")) almost is what I want. I am just not sure how to make Mine become a pointer of A1 inside a different sheet than Raw Responses as this is in Sheet2. I then need to make the cell be unique values only still.

Update 2 =JOIN(", ", QUERY('Raw Responses'!C2:E105, "SELECT E where C='" & $A1 & "'")) is working, just need to figure out unique values now :)


=JOIN(", ", UNIQUE(TRANSPOSE(SPLIT(JOIN(", ", QUERY('Raw Responses'!$C2:$BP105, "SELECT F where C='" & $A2 & "'")), ", ")))) solves it.

It basically transforms between columns and rows so I can use unique and then slap it all back.

  • JOIN formula will fail on joining more than 50000 characters, so here is the backup for that:
    • cell E2: =UNIQUE(B2:B)
    • cell F2 and drag down:

 IFERROR(TRIM(SPLIT($C$2:$C, ",")), $C$2:$C), )), , 999^99)), , 999^99), "♦")), "♠")), " ", "♥")), 
 "select Col2 where Col1 = '"&E2&"' and Col2 is not null", 0), , 999^99), " ", ", "), "♥", " "))


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