I am facing a difficulty when I use import range function in Google sheet to combine all data in a Master file from separated many different Google sheets. It works well while using import range function (I can get all the information), but when I update any data into a cell in Master file (which is outside of Import range function column) it is not moving dynamically if separated different google sheets update.

For example: from a Google sheet, I am importing data by using import range into a Master File, that is Column A to H. And in the Master file I had to update in Column I & J. When I insert a row in separated Google sheet, its not reflecting in my Master file, which is why The information already been updated in Column I & J is not moving dynamically. The impact I can see only in Column A to H.

How can I solve this problem? Once 1 row is inserted into separated sheet, the same new row will be inserted in the Master file as well?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

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  • share a copy of your sheet – user0 Apr 13 at 20:14

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