I'm using 2 google calendars - my personal calendar and my work calendar.

I had many problems with coworkers meetings that scheduled for free time in my work calendar while I had other meetings in the personal calendar. For example: I scheduled a meeting at 10:00 AM in the personal calendar but coworker, that sees my work calendar while creating a meeting (in "find a time"), does not aware of it and can invite me to a meeting in the same time.

I want to create situation that my coworker will see that I have a "Busy" meeting at 10:00 AM while he scheduling a meeting in the work calendar.

My workaround is to make a meeting in my personal calendar and invite the work calendar, so in this way the coworker does not see the same time as free, but doing this workaround is showing 2 meetings in the calendar board while seeing the calendar (I shared the calendars between them).

Is there any solution for this kind of situation?

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