I do a lot of reviewing suggestions in Google Docs and I have the cursor "within" suggested text and would like to accept/reject the suggestion with a keyboard shortcut.

From what I can tell there is currently no keyboard shortcut for this, despite there being a menu item, but I am hoping to confirm this and document that it's missing.

Menu item "Accept Suggestion"

If you use the menu search (option+/) while the cursor is inside a suggestion, an Accept Suggestion item is available, and selecting it does what I expect it to. Unfortunately there is no keyboard shortcut displayed for it.

Other keyboard shortcuts for suggestions

As we can see, there are shortcuts to start reviewing, and to navigate between suggestions, but no way to directly accept or reject them

Screenshot of the keyboard shortcuts for reviewing suggestions and jumping to the next and previous suggestions

Is there a way to create a shortcut for this based on the menu item?

I'm happy to either be proven wrong ("there IS a shortcut") or to be explained that there is some way to take advantage of the menu item and add a shortcut for myself.

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    Another non-ideal way: open context menu Ctrl+Shift+\ , navigate down , accept ⏎ (on MacOS: Cmd instead of Ctrl) – Blaise Jan 22 at 13:40
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    Good point. That's so much fussy work that I'd probably rather use the mouse, but in terms of a keyboard-only solution, I think it's actually the best answer :( – jerclarke Jan 23 at 17:11

Try Control+Shift+\, then down arrow to tab through suggestions

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I found a easier one: Control+Alt+X, then Return to accept.

On macOS: Cmd+Alt+X, then Return to accept.

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If you just want to accept the one suggestion for your immediate context, and you're on the word to be corrected, and the pop-up is present, i.e.

enter image description here

you can then use (in Windows) Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+P to move the focus to the popup (the suggestion will be highlighted in light blue) and then use Enter to accept the suggestion.

enter image description here

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