Is there any way to set question cryptic-name/variable in addition to the question visible to one answering the form.

What I need is that when I export forms questions to google sheet I can programmatically match questions and answers to do particular calculations.

Currently, column names (headers) are equal to elaborate questions that use sees, and apart of being cumbersome, every time I slightly change the text of the question, I have to propagate the change into the program. The position of the question, as an identifier, is not acceptable either.

  • this is too abstract. you could resolve this in many ways. like numbering questions and then vlookuping it with formula – user0 Apr 14 '19 at 20:26
  • Thanks, @user0, but your suggestion is not matching the requirements presented in the question. Now I also rewrote the question title to clarify better. The lookup data/names (in your case numbers) are 1) visible to participants, 2) changing order of the questions -> changing the numbers -> breaking link (or worst: incorrectly mapping) with the evaluation code. – mPrinC Apr 15 '19 at 15:26

Google Forms doesn't include a feature to assign a custom technical name (hidden from the user) but it assign automatically two:

  • Item id
  • Entry id

The first is available through Google Apps Script , the second is used on the prefilled URL. Note: grid questions have an entry id for each row.


  • Use the Properties Service / Sheets Developer Metadata to save a map of your technical names with the Item / Entry ids

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