We use Office 365 for our companies e-mail, and have a shared mailbox for support enquiries (support@my-domain.com) from external users. We need e-mails sent to that inbox to end up with a small group of internal users, so I added a rule to redirect them:

rule setup

This works great except that if any of the internal users being redirected to has an auto-reply set up (e.g. out of office) then the external user see's it! This is obviously not ideal, so I tried using a forwarding rule instead:

rule setup 2

And while the internal users do get the e-mails, and the external users don't get the auto-replies, the e-mails now appear to be from the support address rather than the original sender (which makes sense as they were forwarded).

Is there any way to configure it so we get the behaviour of the redirect without the senders getting the auto-replies?

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