I have recently bought my first domain name and set up Google Analytics on it, partially for learning and also out of curiosity.

I have noticed that I get multiple hits a day (even though my site isn't registered on any search engines) but on pages that don't exist and also with strange queries attached to them.

For example, some of the strange hits I have had page views for are:


Even though I don't have any paths for /contact /categories or /store, or many of the other pages that have been attempted to access, on my site.

I have looked at the hostname for these pageviews and those do not match the correct hostname for accessing the site, so my guess is that maybe some other site is using my GAID?

My biggest concern is that maybe these are malicious attacks of some kind?

The reason for me thinking this is that since I've noticed these pages being visited in GA, I have been receiving numerous spam phone calls on my mobile (5 or 6 a day), with recorded voicemail messages left not in English so I have no idea what it's saying.

I have checked that my whois protection is working and on the surface it seems as though my information is protected, so it may just be coincidence about these spam calls.

If anyone can clarify what may be happening here and possibly put my mind at rest, I'd really appreciate it, and apologies if I haven't asked this in the correct place!

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