Why is my YouTube (YT) comment not visible to others?


Your YT comments might be visible to you but not to others. Reason for that can be controversy words that are filtered by YT.

It would also seem as if comments are no longer visible if edited too many times.


  • When I realized my comment is not visible I think it is because it has been edited too many times.
  • if I create a comment similar to that comment it is not visible to others at all
  • I can create new comments which appear both in top comments and newest (to others)
  • if I place very same comment on another YT video it is visible to others
  • if I wait some days and create that comment on the intended video, it does appear to others in newest comments but not in top comments

Further Detail

  • after the above, the comment in question has been liked many times, pinned, hearted and liked by the content creator and therefore, also listed in top comments
  • the following day this comment is no longer visible to others at all
  • the comment has the following format:
Thumbnail: ...
0:00 topic1
0:15 topic2
0:30 topic3
thank me later

In the meanwhile I was replying to other comments on that video, which are still visible (10 replies in the last 24h).

1 hour after the last like I received, I placed a reply under that comment usig emoji:

😭 😭 😭

Edit: I contacted the content creator and he made my comment visible again.

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