Creating and inserting a new drawing via the inbuilt Drawing tool (Insert > Drawing > New) in Google Docs results in images of noticeably lower resolution when compared to adjacent text, both within the app and when a document is downloaded as a PDF:

Screenshot of document as PDF

Link to shared doc as example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15QcIhrXCdR59278oW3Iy7MzH0nfJLSQ7jijcvm-UMTc/edit?usp=sharing

The figure is noticeably 'blurry'. Is there any procedure or workaround that would allow for the image to be sharper than this?


I frequently find myself wanting to insert drawings and/or text boxes into gdocs. Google Draw is a pitiful tool. For some reason, the drawing capacity is so much better in Google slides. Plus they have a lot of really advanced diagrams (Insert - diagram0.

Basically, I make my graphic or text box in slides. Then I go to present mode. Take a screen shot (use either Print Screen button or Shift + Print screen). Then I open this up in a simple photo editing program (even Microsoft Paint). Crop and save as PNG. And then insert THAT into my gdocs.

It's a work around but you end up with much better quality graphics. For some reason, you can't just cut and paste the graphic straight out of the slides into the gdoc. But you can cut and paste between slides presentations.

I just did this with a "blurry text box" and it is much nicer done this way.


I found a workaround in downloading the drawing in .svg format (from the Drawing window: Actions > Download as > Scalable Vector Graphics) and then opening this file in a browser, screenshotting it, then inserting it as an image into the document. Much better resolution.


I've observed similar blurriness in embedded drawings created entirely within the Google Doc, but sharper results when inserting a separate Google Drawing.

Create a Google Drawing in drive and then Insert -> Drawing -> From Drive.

Google Docs Add Drawing Menu

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