How can I insert a Unicode non-printing character in Google Docs? for example left-to-right-mark LRM Unicode U+200E.

I can see a menu option for inserting special characters for Unicode scripts, but it seems to be only for printable chars.

  • press LEFT ALT + I
  • press C
  • enter in search desired Unicode and then left-click on it to insert it:

    • U+061C - Arabic Letter Mark
    • U+200E - Left-to-right Mark
    • U+200F - Right-to-left Mark
    • U+202A - Left-to-right Embedding
    • U+202B - Right-to-left Embedding
    • U+202D - Left-to-right Override
    • U+202E - Right-to-left Override
    • U+2066 - Left-to-right Isolate
    • U+2067 - Right-to-left Isolate


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