Trying to create a spreadsheet that reads values from a certain sheet of another file using importrange formula. I am trying that the referenced external cell be a cell on the current one so I could try to do something like:


E2 local cell is the name of the remote sheet I want to import from.

This reply looked very promising using the INDIRECT formula but so far I haven't managed to archive it within an importrange not sure if due to a syntax error or a limitation of the importrange:


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IMPORTRANGE is like a smaller sister of INDIRECT so you are not supposed to have INDIRECT in IMPORTRANGE, so all you need to do is to allow access and:


=IMPORTRANGE("16nnuzNRx_kGGJm1EBVX7kBT2bfW1-2TYwSiuaLF-QI"; E2&"!G3")


  • I would have bet I did already tried that directly but probably with wrong syntax. It works, thanks.
    – luison
    Apr 22, 2019 at 15:44

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