I have a team working in pan India with 6 Team leaders. I have created a Google form to collect the everyday status report. Now the question is:

How can I assign a particular sheet[already created in google spreadsheet with a team name] of google spreadsheet as a destination? If I go to response sheet option in google form, it is asking existing sheet ? or new sheet. If I give the option as existing sheet, it selects already existing sheet but, creates a new sheet in the existing sheet. I want to select my destination sheet. Any help?

for eg: Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 are existing sheets in google sheet book. I want to select sheet2 as a response destination sheet. Is it possible?

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Currently, this is not achievable and a workaround is to have Google form to populate deafult sheet and then use QUERY or similar functions to import your data in Sheet2 with an option of hiding the form sheet by right-clicking on the sheet and selecting Hide sheet.

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