I have no idea what I'm doing, considering there's plenty of topics on COUNTIFS. However, each solution I've tried, as well as my own solutions, which I shall list, end up in the same thing... ZERO. It counts several cells and ends up as a zero, and I have no idea why, please help.

Here is the document. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Q899bG5tGPz0cIWUQ3K4_vxwRnZbsFCg6o-YS8Rhj74/edit?usp=sharing

So far I've used:



pick one you like:

="Staff Roster - "&COUNTIF(G:G, "A")+COUNTIF(G:G, "M")+COUNTIF(G:G, "TM")


="Staff Roster - "&COUNTA(IFERROR(QUERY(G:G, "where G='A' or G='M' or G='TM'")))

="Staff Roster - "&ARRAYFORMULA(SUMPRODUCT(REGEXEXTRACT({B3, B6, B12}, "\d+")))

="Staff Roster - "&COUNTA(G3:G)

="Staff Roster - "&COUNTA(IFERROR(FILTER(G:G, G:G<>"Rank")))

="Staff Roster - "&ARRAYFORMULA(SUM(IF((G:G="A")+(G:G="M")+(G:G="TM"), 1, )))

="Active Staff Roster - "&COUNTA(IFERROR(FILTER(B:B, B:B="Active")))

="Active Staff Roster - "&COUNTIF(B:B, "Active")

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    Once again, you've given more than I could ask for. Thank you, with all those options, I've modified it even further for my needs, thanks for showing me how its done! – Nate.M-C Apr 23 at 5:12

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