I think Gmail is the first webmail provider that features the Conversation -- having only one mailbox entry for messages in the same thread. Neat.

However, a downside to this is that when you edit the subject just a wee bit (even just one character), that new message breaks apart from the rest of the Conversation and itself creates a new thread. Yes, changing the subject does have its benefits.

Can I put together several related messages into one Conversation?

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This is by design, so it is not possible. There is no mechanism to merge conversations and the only way to split a conversation is to change the subject, even if it's only one character.

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    Your answer is correct, but I want to vote down the content... there should be a way to merge conversations.
    – keflavich
    Nov 3, 2011 at 16:07
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    I agree, it should be possible to move a message into a conversation or move a message out of a conversation that doesn't belong there. And sometimes I want to update the subject line without having it start a new conversation. I should have that option. It's limitations like these that sometimes tempt me to switch back to using a local app like Thunderbird...
    – Tyler Rick
    Dec 27, 2012 at 18:55

Yes, you can.

If you want to put two e-mails together into a conversation, forward one of the e-mails to yourself using the subject line from the other e-mail.

It's not pretty (it obscures the original sender a bit, as well as the timeline if you do it after other messages in the conversation roll in), but it works.


You can create new label and put several conversations under the same label, so anytime you can easily find conversations you linked via the label.

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