Since the Importrange() is not working as expected, do you know how I could express e.g the following function with a script?

={IMPORTRANGE("SheetKey","SheetName1!A:J") ; 
  IMPORTRANGE("SheetKey","SheetName2!A2:J") ; 

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=QUERY({'AW Data'!A1:J; 'Facebook Data'!A1:J; 'Bing Data'!A1:J}, "where Col1 is not null")


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    Wow this is great I really appreciate it. A million thanks! Cant find a way to mark this as the right answer though – aptbs85 Apr 25 at 14:20
  • @aptbs85 you have that option! just click here: i.stack.imgur.com/prjBr.png – user0 Apr 25 at 18:50

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