I have a spreadsheet that I use to run a foosball tournament, and in column A I have a dropdown data validation that will let me select a players name. In Column B I have a checkbox that I check once a player has paid their entry fee.

I have another column in the sheet that takes the values from column A and sorts them into player/teammate, and in order to get a randomized team, I select all players in column A and do a randomize sort on that range. However, the checkbox in column B does not follow where the data in column A goes, mixing up who has paid and who hasn't.

Is there a way to make it keep column B selection matched up with the player name in column A?

I have searched quite a bit on this but haven't come across anything helpful.

  • Welcome. What web application are you using? – Rubén Apr 25 '19 at 0:02

option 1:

 "where Col2 is not null")


option 2:



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