I am struggling with an automatically updating spreadsheet that is connected to a Google Form.

Whenever there is a new accomplished answer in the Form it is adding a row in the spreadsheet, resulting in a shifting of my whole spreadsheet.

Take a look at the picture to understand the problem:

Before answer

After answer

As you can see, the row is created and shifts everything apart. Is there a way, to prevent that, like protecting the area from K-P ("Preis pp." the gray-colored one until the end)?


You need to crate Sheet2 and move columns M:Q there and then call it back from Sheet2 with ARRAYFORMULA.

Delete everything in column K and paste this in K1 cell:

={"Preis pp.";
 ARRAYFORMULA(IF($E2:E = "Ja"; $Q$3; )+
              IF($G2:G = "Ja"; $Q$6; )+
              IF($I2:I = "Ja"; $Q$9; ))}

Delete everything in columns M, N, O, Q and paste this in M1 cell:



demo spreadsheet

side note: also you will need to color your cells with Conditional formatting instead of doing it manually

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  • Wow thank you so much, I will try it out in a few hours – Leonhard Keßler Apr 25 '19 at 7:07

If you really really want to do it without Sheet2 you can do so too. Delete columns M:O and paste in cell M1:

={""\""\""; "Zusammenfassung"\"Zusammenfassung"\"Zusammenfassung"; "Männlich:"\
"<>männlich";D$2:D;"<>weiblich";D$2:D;"<>";I$2:I;"Ja");""\""\"";"Summe insgesamt"\""\"";
"";""\""\"";"Größen Pulli:"\""\"";"XS"\COUNTIF(F:F;"XS")\"";"S"\COUNTIF(F:F;"S")\"";"M"\
"XXL")\"";""\""\"";"Größen T-Shirt:"\""\"";"XS"\COUNTIF(H:H;"XS")\"";"S"\COUNTIF(H:H;


demo spreadsheet

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