I have Column C, RESPA DATE, that has a date that varies for each borrower.

I want to change the color of the cells in Column D, DISCLOSURES SENT, daily within three days of Column C until a date gets entered into the cell.
Once RESPA is triggered I have three days to send out disclosures.

I was wondering how I could format the cell to change to green on day 1, yellow on day 2 and red on my last day 3 until I enter a date then it goes back to a white cell.

  • share a copy of your sheet please – user0 Apr 25 '19 at 22:10
  • white: cell is not empty
  • green: =IF((TODAY()=$C2+1)+(TODAY()=$C2),1)
  • yellow: =IF(TODAY()=$C2+2,1)
  • red: =IF(TODAY()=$C2+3,1)


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