In my attempts to use Google Drive for some automated important data backups, I'm making use of the API and a Service Account to upload data to a Team Drive. The account only has 'Contributor' access to this drive, and thus can only 'Add' or 'Edit' files.

However, Google states it may delete historical revisions after 100 revisions - Leading me to think some malicious agent could simply edit the file 100 times to effectively 'delete' the contents practically instantly.

Is this the case? If so, would I be able to restore the deleted revisions through the Google Admin panel like normally permanently deleted items? Can Google Vault save me from this? Is there another way around this?

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After having to talked to Google support, and run my own tests - Yes, anybody can permanently and unrecoverably delete any and all information they have write access to in Google Drive in a matter of seconds (obviously, save for any other backups you have manually set up).

Seems like a massive security failure to me, but oh well. We have resolved to automatically backup our important data drives to new team drives with rclone on a daily basis to insure against this kind of attack.

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