In G Suite's Google Drive, I can set my folder's permissions to:

  1. Anyone who has the link can view, or
  2. Anyone at Your Organization who has the link can edit (add, edit, and organize)

I want both, and they're not conceptually incompatible, but I can't figure out a way to configure this in the Share menu. Well, actually, I want:

  • Anyone who has the link can view, and
  • Anyone at Your Organization who has the link can add.

When I've tried this so far, I have two issues:

  1. The two rules are mutually exclusive. If I set rule (1) and then rule (2), rule (2) replaces rule (1). I can add as many individuals as I want, but I can only pick one general rule like these.
  2. There's no option to allow add without also allowing organize and edit.

How can I get all or part of what I want?

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For the option anyone with the link can view use the included dropdown.

For the option anyone in your organization can edit, share the folders with a group that include all the members of your organization and set it to edit. Maybe you should ask you organization admin for

  • the group email address,
  • create such group for you,
  • enable the related option in Google Groups for Business so you could create the group even if you aren't a G Suite admin

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