I noticed that there is a column but it is not populated for neither my folders nor my files.

I want to verify that files and folders I transfer to Google Drive match where they came from.

enter image description here

If you notice the last column which is size, it is not populated or has a -.

There is also a view details which did not show the size either.

enter image description here


G Suited Document Editors files (Google Documentos, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, ...) doesn't consume storage quota so Google doesn't track the file size the same way that they do for uploaded files that consume storage quota.

You only can check for a match for G Suite Document Editors:

  • file name,
  • file type,
  • folders parents

Maybe also

  • Owner
  • Editors, viewers and related sharing settings

But you could use Google Drive API to add custom metadata.

  • However, this file size is not displaying for uploaded files and folders as well. – ee prototype May 4 at 23:28
  • @eeprototype That is weird. Report that by using Google Feedback google.com/tools/feedback/intl/en – Rubén May 4 at 23:33
  • 1
    @eeprototype can you show a screenshot showing files not displaying the file size, which are not Google Docs? – ahorn May 6 at 8:41

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