This might sound hugely amateurish but I have a spreadsheet for my Pilot Log Book as I am a student. I have boxes stating my Take Off time and Landing time. In this case:

13:40 (H5) to 14:40 (I5)

This means I would put down 1:00 (K5) for the amount flown.

What formula would I input to say "I5 - H5 =", but if there is no value in I5 or H5, leave K5 blank?

  • Works wonders Thank you! Upvoted – MatthewDNewton May 5 '19 at 15:48

=IF(AND(H5<>"", I5<>""), I5-H5, )


=ARRAYFORMULA(IF((H5:H<>"") * (I5:I<>""), TEXT(I5:I-H5:H, "hh:mm"), ))


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    Amazing ! I know this was a minor question to answer but I appreciate it, I will try it in my sheet and let you know . – MatthewDNewton May 5 '19 at 10:30

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