Current Data:

9/20/2018   6
9/22/2018   3
9/23/2018   1

Desired Output:

9/20/2018   6
9/22/2018   3
9/23/2018   1

I would like to have the missing dates added to Column A while the data in Column B remains matched up with the original date. Column B Does not necessarily need to receive a Null value, it could be '0' as well.

Here is an example sheet, feel free to experiment: link

  • This output list could be constructed on another sheet via a complete list of dates and e.g. VLOOKUP for the column B values. You could then even replace the original list with the results. You chose the tag google-sheets-custom-function though. Will you have to do this repeatedly? If actually coding a custom function, have you made a start at it? What code do you have so far? What doesn't work? See: How to Ask. – Joel Reid May 6 at 18:45
  • paste this into C1 cell:



  • then select columns C:D
  • press CTRL + C
  • press DELETE
  • select A1 cell
  • press CTRL + SHIFT + V
  • This worked perfectly, for anyone else out there: if you are creating that list from another formula you will get an error, use a helper column with "=if(istext(A1),DATEVALUE(A1))" then user0's answer in the column next to it. – Travis Manning May 7 at 22:18

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