I have connected another mail address to my gmail account, so I can send mails from the other address in the gmail page. In addition, I have created a filter at the other mail address that forwards all incoming mails automatically to my gmail account. By this way I can receive and send mails from my gmail portal on the behalf of the other address.

My problem is that when the filter works and an email is forwarded from the other address to my gmail, while it appears in the gmail inbox it also appears in the gmail's sent folder. This email while is forwarded (sent) from the other address to my gmail, but actually was an incoming message.

I think this happens because I have added the other mail to "send mail as" in the "Accounts and Import" page in the gmail settings.

Is there any way to delete those forwarded mails from my gmail's sent folder, without deleting them from the gmail's inbox?

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