If I understand well, eightbit.me is a service to transform pictures, especially for use as avatars, into "8bit"-style pictures.

Looks like this service requires access to my Twitter. Are there equivalent services that does not require this?

(Side question: Is it possible that these avatars are totally computer-generated? They seems to have a kind of artistic sense.)


There doesn't appear to be any other service that provides this functionality. You could just sign up and create your Avatar and then revoke the Application access in http://twitter.com/settings/connections

You can also create these types of images using PhotoShop - a simple Google search will provide you with lots of sites with tutorials on how to do this.

According to this article on CrunchBase the images are created using pure CSS & HTML.

Eightbit.me will be a service to help people create 8-bit avatars. The first idea was to use images with very few selections and to use pure HTML / JS to create the characters.

Inspired by an 8-bitted Dribbble post by UK artist and designer Harry Harrison, San Francisco interactive designers Addison Kowalski, Amadeus Demarzi and Courtney Guertin took the idea to the next level by 8 bit-ing their Twitter avatars, which inevitably went viral among the tech set. Eightbit.me is the result.

  • Thanks! I guess a safe and easy solution would be to create a temporary Twitter account just for this. – nic Feb 28 '11 at 10:01

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