When I try to add an image to slack from my iPhone Slack names the image "Image from iOS"

This has several issues

  1. If informs others I'm on my phone.

    That's something I'd prefer not to tell them.

  2. It tells others I use an Apple product

    More I'd prefer not to share.

  3. It's an ad for Apple.

    I don't want to be advertising for Apple

  4. It provides no useful info to anyone.

    It's at most clutter.

Until recently I would edit the name before posting but in the latest version of the iOS app there is no way to set the name. It is always "Image from iOS". No idea why when I upload from Mac it doesn't say "Image from MacOS" or when on windows it doesn't say "Image from Windows" but in any case, ...

How I can change the name?

  • I'd like to set a default "Image from Me"

  • If I can't set a default I'd like to be able to name it before sending

  • If I can't rename it before sending then after will be at least passable

How can I set the name of an image when uploading to Slack from iOS?

  • I don't think that is possible – Erik Kalkoken May 17 '19 at 13:42

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