Just recently ,following Google's recommendations to unsubscribe from receiving unwanted junk mail. I am getting draft notifications in Apple Mail everyday that there is mail pending mail to be sent to the unsubscriber's email address. I have tried resending the mail, erasing email addresses and deleting the email, to transferring the mail to JUNK. The same three Draft notifications still appear when I launch the Apple Mail App on my desktop computer. I want to discard these notifications once and for all. MY FEELING IS THE PERSON WHO IS PROVIDING THE 'MALWARE/ADWARE UNSUBSCRIBE LINK IS VIOLATING GOOGLE'S USER AGREEMENT FOR GMAIL. I like using Gmail, but I receive more JUNK mail than actual correspondence, which is why I created the Gmail account. I have tried to disable my account, but there is such a lengthy period and so many hoops to jump through, I have given up. I would just as soon disable this account and create a new account with a different login and password to avoid this hassle.

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