I want to change the paper size in Google Docs document, But you can only change to a few individual sizes from the list.

How do I change to a custom size?

I need every page of a different size.


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On Google Documents the page settings apply to the whole document, so if you need that every page have different size, you should use a different file for each page.



I found out how to set custom size.

Although not every page of a different size as Rubén wrote that it is impossible, but also helped.

you can customize the size of your paper using the add-on for Docs called Page Sizer. You can get it by going to Add-ons (in the tool bar) > Get add-ons and then searching for it by name. Once you find it, just press the blue Free button to add it to Docs. You can then access it by clicking on Add-ons in the tool bar to display all the add-ons you have.


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