Yesterday I received a "suspicious sign-in prevented" email on my University google account.

The email said that someone used MY PASSWORD to access my google account from a suspicious app.

I immediately changed my password. Today I have received a new email with the same warning and I have changed the password again.

I keep my passwords in keepass and I thought that was a pretty secure way to store them.

I don't think I have a malware on my PC because I formatted it recently and malwarebytes scan didn't report any.

The emails I have received from google are genuine because the suspicious activities appear on the google account dashboard as well.

I can't enable 2FA for some reason. I think it is blocked by my University.

I need to know if those emails indicate that someone is discovering my passwords as I change them. Because that'd be pretty scary since it'd mean that someone has access to my PC and my keepass where all the passwords are.

Is it possible that google is sending those emails because someone is trying to login but doesn't know the password (even if the message says so)?

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