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I would like to disable automatic calculation on a single Google sheet and then have a trigger, either by button or through some implementation of scripts, inserting a column, etc that will allow me to easily recalculate the entire sheet at will, but not automatically.

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Unfortunately, this is not supported in Google Sheets at the moment. The best you can do is to create a switch condition logic with IF function:

=IF(X1=TRUE, your-formula-you-want-to-freeze(), )

If you work with volatile formulas you are able to delay them up to 1 hour in the spreadsheet settings:



The is no way to disable the Google Sheets recalculation. The basic workaround is to save the formulas somewhere to be applied every time that you want to calculate the values. Once the calculation finish, use copy then paste as values either by doing this manually or by using a macro/script.

To help me and others to reduce this hassle I published a free Google Sheet add-on that I called Spreadsheet Freezer.

I you prefer to write the script on your own, checkout this question on Stack Overflow: In google sheets can I wrap a standard function in a custom function to control when it is run?

There I posted an answer with some code lines that do the main tasks. The core Google Apps Script Spreadsheet Service methods used there are:

  • copyTo
  • setFormula


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