When creating a file in Google Drawings, the file is saved in Google Drive. As "backup", I would like to download a drawing from Google Drive in a format that I can later upload again and open and edit in Google Drawings. Whenever I right-click the file and then choose Download in Google Drive, the file is converted to a .jpg and so is not editable anymore (also pixelated). This is even done if I select the file together with another file (a Google Docs file, for example). In this case a .zip is produced, but the Google Drawings file again comes out as a .jpg.

From within Google Drawings there is only the option to export the file to .pdf, .svg..., but not to download it in a file format that Google Drawings understands (I found online that the file ending might be .gdraw, but forcing that didn't help either).

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Google didn't published what file format they use for Google Document Editors files, including Google Drawings.

By the other hand, the file extensions used by Google Drive backup and sync and File Stream installable apps aren't real file versions of the related document, they only have the document URL, in a similar that .lnk files have the file path.

I think that the best that we could to is to analyze the web browser cache / application local storage to figured out how the required data is handled by the web browser but I'm not sure if that is allowed by the Google terms and conditions.

  • It seems Google Drawings is part of Google Docs (same URL base name). As such, I think the drawings at least don't count towards your quota/storage capacity, so one could leave them 'online only'. But still a bit sad that it's not easy to just download an editable format. May 14, 2019 at 18:28

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