I have a google form to capture order information, When the user captured all order information, it pushes to a google sheet so we can keep an order history of who ordered what, when and how much.

I have about 120 rows in my google sheet, but from row 121 on wards I seem to be getting random duplicates.

I have asked the users of the sheet if they are re-capturing orders that have already been captured, but they say they have not.

Looking at the time entries of the duplicates, it does not duplicate immediately 07/05/2019 16:41:32 and then below it is the exact SAME entry, but time stamped at 09/05/2019 08:45:41

Why would this happen?, how would this happen?, how do I stop it from happening?

I am aware I can just sift through the google sheet and remove duplicates, but I have connected this google sheet with a telegram bot that every hour scans the sheet and forwards the latest row to a group so that sales know when orders went out to customers, so the duplication is filtering through to my telegram group as well sending duplicate information to that group and adding some confusion so I need to sort this out.


I have been searching for an answer for this exact problem for a while. I am using form for the same reason and this can be very confusing or at least annoying when there are one or more duplicates.

If you couldnt find any solution to this problem I recommend you to use a duplicate showing conditional formating formula and every time it captures a duplicate entry delete the row completely.

I know it does not solve the issue but it may help you a bit.

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