Everytime I try to export a diagram from draw.io to pdf it just gives "error saving file" or does nothing. This happens especially when I enable the mathematical typesetting feature. When I successfully export PDF file from the diagram after many trials, the exported diagram looks different from the actual diagram in draw.io. Is there anything I can do fix this?


Below is the file that causes the problem (you can save it in .drawio file). Using the 'print' option in the File menu does not work either. For example, when I click print -> OK, nothing happens

BTW, I am using the desktop version

<mxfile modified="2019-05-16T00:49:08.927Z" host="www.draw.io" agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) draw.io/9.3.1 Chrome/66.0.3359.181 Electron/3.0.6 Safari/537.36" etag="oqa2PTnF-crdeIcZyT9C" version="10.6.7" type="device"><diagram id="zJaDm6VkeqVxXdKPE4xx" name="Page-1">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</diagram></mxfile>

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According to draw.io Helpdesk...

"Huge diagrams might cause a timeout on the servers that generate the PDFs. This might result in a blank or corrupt PDF being returned..."

How big are the diagrams you are trying to export? Do you have the correct permissions to access/edit the diagrams? More info here.

It appears draw.io is aware of issues that occur when exporting as a PDF, so it might be worth trying to manually export as a PDF file via the printing dialog on Mac or Windows. Instructions on how to do that are here.

Finally, you can also export the diagram as an XML file and reimport it in a new file to see if that helps:

In the menu select Extras->Edit Diagram, select the text that starts and end with tags, open a text editor, paste the XML in as a new file and save it. That file will be loadable back into draw.io using a fresh browser tab with www.draw.io loaded, opening the file from the local device where you saved it.

More details here.

If all else fails, try contacting draw.io Helpcenter support. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. However, my diagram is not that big. Also using the 'print' option in the File menu does not quite work also. For example, when I click print -> OK, nothing happens. I will attach the file in the question.
    – Domination
    May 16, 2019 at 0:50
  • Hmmm, that is unusual. I recommend contacting draw.io. I'll keep researching for you.
    – Aaron
    May 16, 2019 at 2:37

If any one else still has this issue :

  1. Export as HTML
  2. Open HTML file with google chrome -> (...) three dots top right -> Print... -> Save as PDF

Have fun.


I met the same problem with you and have solved it now. You can download the desktop of the app draw.io here>>> https://github.com/jgraph/drawio-desktop/releases/tag/v13.7.3 ,and use the same function in desktop, it works!


I had a similar issue. I found that the problem was caused by the diagram which I thought was just one page in size, was spread over two pages ever so slightly. I amended the diagram and the export worked ok. I know this will not be the issue for everyone.

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