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In Google Sheets, pressing the Enter key moves the cursor down a cell. For example:

  1. position cursor on the cell
  2. type to enter text
  3. press Enter key
    • Expect: Cursor stays on the cell I was just editing
    • Actual: Cursor moves down to next row

Is there any way to turn off this behaviour in Google Sheets so the Enter key doesn't move the cursor? In Excel, there's a setting to choose what happens when the Enter key is pressed (to control if it moves to another cell or not).

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  • Since you're probably not editing the same cell twice, it may help that you can "submit and move" not just down, but in any direction. Enter moves down, and Shift-Enter moves up. Tab moves right, and Shift-Tab moves Left. – Joel Reid May 16 at 15:55

No, there is no such option in Google Sheets. Pressing Enter key will always result in moving the cell selection by one cell downwards. As for the mouse cursor - it stays where left.

Your only option is to use the 3rd-party tool (AutoHotKey for example) which will "fix" this behaviour like for example:

  1. detect that active window is Google sheet
  2. upon pressing Enter key script will detect it and auto-press Arrow Up key

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